Case Study: How Subscription Based Pricing Helps Small Businesses Succeed

Dave, a small business owner, was trying to balance his operating budget. He noticed that his legal bills were all over the place: $2,200 one month, nothing the next month, and $1,450 the month after that. He needed a relationship with a good business attorney, but he also needed his bills to be predictable and consistent.

Dave connected with The Ostrow Law Firm and met with an experienced business attorney to discuss his background, his business, and the legal services he needed in the past. They reviewed Dave’s prior legal bills to see how frequently he worked with his attorney and discussed what Dave thought he’d need over the next year. Based on this information, Dave selected one of The Ostrow Law Firm’s three cutting-edge subscription plans.

Dave is now spending a consistent $499/month. He has two conferences per month with his attorney, receives up to five basic legal documents throughout the year, and – Dave’s favorite part – quick phone calls and emails with his attorney are included. He knows what his legal bill will be every month, and he’s never apprehensive about calling or emailing his attorney.

Several months into his subscription, Dave mentioned during one of his regular conferences that he needed an airtight non-disclosure agreement to use with three different vendors. He knew that he could use the same agreement with each vendor, and he didn’t want to spend several thousand dollars on each document. The following morning, Dave had all three agreements in his inbox – and the document was included in his subscription.

Two months after that, Dave’s lease was up for renewal. Working with The Ostrow Law Firm, Dave achieved a win-win solution that allowed him to plan for expansion and his landlord to secure a long-term tenant.  The resulting lease was also included in Dave’s subscription.

Had Dave continued to work with a law firm that bills by the hour, his fees would have continued to be unpredictable, his non-disclosure agreements would have cost him thousands of dollars, and his new lease thousands more.

The Ostrow Law Firm was exactly what this small business owner needed to control his costs. Let’s get together and see which subscription is right for you; fill out the form on the right to connect with The Ostrow Law Firm today.