Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Disputes arise, even with the best preparation.   Attorney Hal Ostrow has successfully litigated and resolved disputes on behalf of individuals, small businesses, state and local governments, and Fortune 500 corporations.

The Ostrow Law Firm’s clients know that the same attorney who helped them plan their business to avoid as many disputes as possible is well equipped to resolve any issues that arise.

Should litigation become necessary, The Ostrow Law Firm works with its clients to plan a strategy at the outset so the client can see where the case is likely to go and how long it should take to resolve.

Very few cases actually reach trial, and The Ostrow Law Firm is a proponent of using Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”). ADR techniques such as facilitative mediation are cost effective and enable the parties to reach a compromise early in the litigation process.  Hal has resolved dozens of cases – involving millions of dollars – through ADR.

The Ostrow Law Firm’s approach to litigation and dispute resolution is to work with clients to set early, achievable goals, and then use the best methods available to accomplish those goals.