Relationships Matter

Relationships Matter. That’s why they’re the foundation of The Ostrow Law Firm, where unique subscription plans promote increased collaboration and a business partnership between attorney and client. It’s why many clients of The Ostrow Law Firm are repeat clients or friends of current clients. And it’s what prompted attorney Hal Ostrow to create a model of practicing law which values relationships over the billable hour.

The Ostrow Law Firm recognizes it can best serve its clients by regularly communicating with them. Its unique subscription plans allow a client to pay a low monthly rate for routine legal services which include quarterly, monthly, or even more frequent conferences. All subscription plans also allow clients to call or email their attorney without worrying about how many billable hours they’re paying.

This approach has the added benefit of removing a significant barrier to entry for many startups; it allows them to spread the cost of creating a new business entity over the yearlong duration of the subscription – and it gives them access to an award-winning attorney when they need it most.

The best proof that relationships matter: Many clients of The Ostrow Law Firm have referred their friends and family to the firm.

Contact The Ostrow Law Firm today and discover how a relationship-based law practice can help your business succeed.